About Us!

I would love to say that this is an "about us" page but I guess, it will mostly be me :)  If you are dying to know more about my hubby, shoot me an email anytime.

I, Heidi, was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska but transplanted to Montana to run track and cross country at Montana State University.  5 years later, I met a cute guy at the local Harley-Davidson shop when I was doing a modeling gig there.  

I asked him out, he said "yes," we got married, had two babies, decided to adopt two more and now our family runs that Harley shop. Ta da!!!

I am an avid runner and cyclist and have been competing on a pretty extreme level since...as long as I can remember.  I have recently retired for run racing but cycle race for a team in Bozeman that is sponsored by Rockford Coffee and Clif Bar.  

We have two biological kiddos, Emma and Corbin and are in loving God and life in big sky country.  You will find a little of our adventures, life in Montana and ins and outs of daily life here.

I want to be blogging here at least every other day once a week, but I am trying my best to do what is motherly possible.  Please be patient with me :)

Things you may not know about me

I LOVE  pink

When I am not training, I am cleaning, cooking, sewing or reading

yes, I have my own Harley... no, I don't ride as much as I would like to

I love to be organized but you couldn't tell by stepping foot in my studio

I have a severe infatuation with food especially southern food

my southern (Texas) family roots come out a lot in my way of life and I am proud of that

I am incredibly self medicated by endorphins and adrenaline

when I am "missing" at home, I can be found on the porch swing or in front of the fireplace with my bible and a cup of tea

Tea (loose leaf) makes me happy. period. end of story

traveling with my family is my very favorite thing to do

I love to be around people and can talk your ear off but also cherish my privacy

I am a bit transparent when I blog.  It doesn't make sense, not sure what to say about that.

It brings me great joy to hear from you.  I have learned so much from other bloggers and would love to chat with you any time!


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