Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mothers Day/Noonday Giveaway

Mothers Day is coming!!!!!  I just love Mothers Day. I am not sure if it is because I am a mother or because I am so intrigued by all the other mothers out there or the fact that Mothers Day means Spring or what.  Wait, I remember, it is because my stove gets cleaned on Mothers Day!!  Me and this stove, we have a love-hate relationship that gets cleaned by someone other than me ONE DAY A YEAR.

I was sitting down, last night, making notes about all the brilliant words that I have read, heard or conjured up myself, lately and was exhausted.  I proceeded to regurgitate all my notes to my hubby who is so patient with my constant verbal thoughts and almost started bawling.  So instead, I thought I would share them with you and then give away a $50 Noonday voucher that can be used, just in time, to buy something for you (or your Mommy) for Mothers Day!

  • I was incredibly blessed to be born and become an American mother. Period. My children will never worry about being hungry, cold, education, sex-slavery, preventable illness, worshiping our God and the list goes on.
  • 1/2 of the worlds population lives on less than $2 US a day.  Uh what?
  • 27 million people are in modern-day slavery.  This statistic includes sex-trafficking
  • Over 2 million children are being sexually trafficked world-wide. 300,000 are in the US
  • 3,000 children a day will start prostituting themselves just to eat!  We have got to teach His Word to these children!
  • 30,000 children die each day from a preventable, treatable illness.  This means an illness that could have been prevented with a $1-$2 vaccine or health education.
  • Mothers who do not receive proper education on how to manage and live healthy lives with HIV are giving up their children and dying every day.
  • There are between 142-210 MILLION orphans world wide.  Did you get that?  142-210 MILLION!
"To whom much as been given, much is required" Luke 12:48

I have always been a "save the world" kind of girl.  I was "that one girl" that when we all crowded in the basement to watch the forbidden VHS tape of Dirty Dancing, I was excited that Baby wanted to send her leftover dinner to southeast Asia.  Yeah, Patrick Swayze was pretty damn dreamy too.  I must admit I am from the "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" generation.

Sophomore year!!

I am constantly reading about world poverty and being educated about how others are struggling while I have so much. I am always praying about where I fit in His Kingdom.  That may sound odd but the truth is I want to learn how to help fix it all,  I want to adopt every kid that does not have a home, I want to feed everyone who is starving, I want to go on missions even though I have never been on one. All of it is just not ok with me! 

Worst of all I wonder, every day, if our twins' mother had been taught a life skill enabling her to make a living or been educated about healthy living if they would still be orphans.  I wonder if she had been taught the word of our Lord about how incredibly important and worthy she is,  if she would have found a way to escape being a statistic.

You still with me?

So, here is my proposal for this week.  I want to give you a $50 voucher to buy something from a company based on Christian values.  Noonday employs artisans (many of whom are mothers) from around the world giving them life skills, education and employment.  These artisans are no longer living on $2/day or selling themselves into prostitution, or relinquishing their children as orphans.  They are living healthy, prosperous lives, together as families, with the words of Lord in their hearts.

There are a few ways to enter...  The winner will be announced Thursday the 11th (in honor of my Mommy's birthday) and I promise you will have your voucher with enough time to get that special gift delivered in time for Mothers Day!

1) Mosey over to  this Noonday link and tell me who and what you would spend your voucher on.

Me, I am partial to this bracelet handmade from recycled artillery found in Ethiopia  
or these bone carved leaf earring handmade from bone in India 
or these killer Sseko sandals that can be worn a bazillion different ways and are made by recent high school graduates in Uganda who are putting themselves through college

or the Inca steps necklace, handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans of nuts from the tagua palm.  Yes, you read that correct, NUTS.

2) Go over to the site Elegantees and read about how Katie is empowering women who have escaped sex-trafficking with sewing jobs and a bright future.  Tell me your favorite style in the comments section.

3) Like Elegantees or Noonday on Facebook and let me know that you did.

4) Share this giveaway on  FB and let me know you did!

5) Head on over to the Moore Family Blog.  For every dollar you donate to them to help them get their little princess home, I will give you one entry.  Be sure to let me know that you did!

6) Sign up to participate in the Bike-a-Thon to support the Duffin Family.  They are in the process of bringing home their little girl from Ethiopia and it is going to be a great family event!  You can find that information below.

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  1. Great article, kiddo! I am, as always, proud of you.

  2. Awesome! I would probably buy the Sseko sandals or the bone-carved white necklace! busymomblog at yahoo . com

    1. Thanks Emily, those are two of my favorites as well!

  3. I like the plain Rachel tee! busymomblog at yahoo dot com.

  4. I liked Elegantees on Facebook busymomblog at yahoo dot com

  5. I'd buy a tagua seed necklace for my friend Elizabeth who just had a baby b/c she wears western boots and needs some fair trade turquoise to go with them!
    -Annie P

  6. I would buy the infinity scarf so I could wear it at the wedding.

    I love the harpar tee, it is orange which makes it all the better.

    I liked both on facebook.

    I shared your blog like I try to do every few posts.

  7. My mom would love the Inca steps necklace and I love the Rachel (in jade).
    Shared this blog and liked both Noonday and Elegantees pages on FB.
    Thanks for raising MY awareness beyond "my own little world"
    -Elizabeth C.

  8. Hi Heidi. This is fun. I would buy this: brightly wound bracelet, mint. Maybe three of them, one for each of my teenage daughters. One of them, in particular, sees every sum of money as "adopted children". We drove through Las Vegas recently and she kept saying, "Mom, do you know how many children could have been adopted with all the money they used to build these buildings?" She feels all this pressure to figure out what she will major in in college in a couple years. She has no idea. She says that the one thing she knows about her future for sure is that she wants to adopt kids. The bracelet would remind her that another way to help children is to support the moms.

  9. I hadn't heard of Elegantees before. Love it. I like the Carol tshirt. Amazing mission.

  10. Heide, I am so excited about Noonday. I am always in search of great gifts with meaning and this is an amazing way to brighten one friends day while empowering others. Whether or not I win the voucher my sisters and I will be getting a special pair of earings for my Mom. Thanks for sharing Noonday!

    Emily G.

  11. Emily, Isn't it great!?! I am in awe every time I read one of the artisan stories. If you are around on the 19th or the 26th, I am hosting adoption fundraising trunk shows. One for a mom from church and another for a Petra family. Let me know and I will shoot you an evite!!!

  12. i love the Bone Carved Polygon Necklace

    1. oops i forgot to say why - i just love the gold and white color combo and its beautiful!

  13. I would probably get the brightly wound bracelet or beaded statement bracelet for my girls. I think it would be a great conversation starter for them if someone asks where they got it and I like helping them realize that there is a much bigger world out there with children who don't have the priviledges that they have. At Elegantees, I like the Juliette top. I liked both pages on facebook and shared your link. Now, I'm going shopping!

  14. And I really enjoyed all the artisan stories. Each woman has experienced things in her life that I can't even imagine and it's inspiring to see how they made the decision to make a change and now our helping others.