Monday, April 15, 2013

Thankful for His Nudgings.

I would be lying if I said that during this past weekend I did not wish that I was in Boston getting ready to race the marathon instead of watching it snow in Bozeman. I mean I did the training and made the cut right? Wait, I also prayed, listened and prioritized my life. Getting our twins home and being mentally available for my family made the cut, The Boston Marathon did not.

Today I woke up and had the honor of substitute teaching eight remarkable first graders. I didn't even run this morning and these kids made me smile and laugh all day. About lunch time, I checked my phone and the screen was flooded in green iMessage symbols. I was wondering what I did that made me so popular all of a sudden. Come to find out it was what I hadn't done. I hadn't started the Boston Marathon.

At the finish area of the worlds most well known marathon, at least two explosions took the lives of three spectators and injured dozens of spectators and athletes. Upon reading the news, I immediately called my husband and we figured out that with the delay in wave starting, I would have (if all went well) finished and still been in the finish area when this act of terrorism occurred. Josh may or may not have been in the finish area with me by then. Our kids might have been there as well but,

I never started.

Today I woke up frustrated that we hadn't received a picture of our twins since we started our adoption process.

This afternoon, those twins may have saved my life, maybe even the lives of my husband and bio children.

This evening, before our family got in the hot tub together, a brand new picture of the twins came through on my iPad screen.

Before bed tonight I will be on my knees, with Josh, thanking our Lord for saving me, for filling my heart with His glory and for being patient with me for the last 34 years of my life. I spent 34 years hearing but not listening to his nudgings on my heart. When I finally grew up enough to realize that His word is truth, I was truly saved in every way there is.

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  1. Beautifully said Heidi! So many blessings in obedience!