Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers Day Tidbits

We are not an over scheduled family by any means.  I am definitely over schedule but with my kiddos I am a do as I say not as I do kind of Mom.  However, this week has been a whirlwind of crazy to the point where I had to look at my phone to figure out what day it was today!

The month of May means: the end of school (for our kids at least), the beginning of baseball, starting the yard and garden work, summer is coming quickly, the days are longer and therefor bed times are not earlier and my husbands our Harley shop is going to be open seven days a week and crazy busy.  Our poor kiddos are saturated with a years worth of school and now standardized testing.  If they aren't crying by the end of the day, I sure might be.   Oh wait a minute, Mothers Day, May brings Mothers Day too.

Tomorrow, my daughter is modeling in a Mothers Day fashion show to benefit childhood cancer.  What is even more amazing is that there will be three mothers present at the show whose little ones are currently battling this horrid disease.  I sat down to think about what Mothers Day means to me.  Although I am a mother with two of her four children living half way around the world, I have been blessed with strong and healthy kids.  If there was nothing else, that is enough to sustain me!

I have a feeling my kiddos and hubs have been working on a special surprise for me.  I am blessed to be such a beacon of light for them but I need to say that I am not impressed by me.  I am simply doing what I believe God had planned for me to do. It is you fellow Mommas out there that blow my mind and make me wonder how you do it.

Happy Mothers Day

**To the Mommas who have beautiful children in a hospital fighting for their lives, or may be fighting for their own, I honor you.
**To the Mommas who are starving so that their children may be able to eat, my heart hurts for you.
**To the Mommas who are working as hard as motherly possible and sacrificing parts of themselves in order for their children to succeed, we are incredible.  We are all doing it, come to terms with it and pat yourself on the back.
**To the full time working Mommas, I don't know how you do what you do.
**To the stay-at-home Mommas who do it all and then some more, but everyone thinks you have spare time galore, I know the real story.
**To the Mommas who sit through hours upon hours of sporting events.  I think I will be there with you soon, save me a book and a seat in the sun!
**To the Mommas that opened their lives and homes to their children's friends and then, were called "Momma" for years.  I will never forget you.
**To the Mommas who have left this world to sit at the right hand of God, you are never forgotten.
**To the Mommas who knew there was a better life for her children than what she could provide, I promise to do everything I can to honor you and teach your children the ways of the Lord.  I cannot wait to meet and thank you one day.

To my Ma who sacrificed herself, worked full time, volunteered, taught me to be an amazing woman, sat through over 70 hours of track and cross country meets every year for 11 years and gymnastic before that (not to mention my sisters soccer schedule), studied with me, went to college online, at home in the evenings, studied with me, cried with me, spent every penny to travel the world with us, moved to Montana with my sissy and I, wanted to (and still does) strangle me over and over again.....

To my other Momma who raised an amazing man that I get to love daily, who is an incredible woman I am blessed to call friend, someone I look up to and secretly long for her decorating style, a creative mind and lover of all, a woman who helped me to find God and is always a member of my endeavor
fan club, a woman who also wants to strangle me over and over again....

...I have no problem whatsoever when your words flow from my mouth or when I find myself doing things "my mothers do".  In fact, I am honored to be in your club.  I hope that I can be half the mother you two are.  I do not feel worthy to have been blessed with not one, but two Moms that I cherish the way I cherish you.

No card at Target can ever say what really needs to be said to all you fabulous Momma's out there.  So, I will just say this,

Mommas, has anyone told you today 
how phenomenal you are???

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