Saturday, February 2, 2013

One Day/One Lunch

It is Saturday morning and here I am at my computer, reading my favorite blogs and enjoying a little breakfast.  The kids love Saturday because they get to watch television.  I love it because I can hang out in my robe for the morning!

I clicked on one of my very regular favorites, Building the Blocks and came across her latest post as well as a link to her amazing teenage daughter, Addisyn, and her blog Life as a Missionary Kid. This lovely lady is 16 or 17 and is a beautiful example of our Lord and I am so impressed! I am so completely moved that I am raring and ready to go for the day with a smile.  This family has given their lives to Christ as missionaries in Guatemala.

For the last three years, Addisyn has spearheaded a day she calls One Day/One Lunch. It is a day that she encourages others to skip a lunch and enable someone else to have one.  I promise you will not go hungry.  99.9% of us, as Americans, will never know hunger pains the way that the 160 million orphans in the world will.  We will never wonder if there will ever be food in our bellies again.  We will never wonder if there is someone who will hug and love us.

This year, One Day/One Lunch which is February 3rd,  falls on Super Bowl Sunday. Addisyn asks that we, as spoiled Americans skip lunch that day and consider donating the money, that lunch would have cost you, to helping orphans that have never known what it feels like to be "full" of anything, especially food.

While you are preparing to watch the Super Bowl and devour incredible amounts of tasty treats and watch commercials that can cost upwards of 2 million dollars, please consider missing just one meal and giving it to someone else.  If you just can't miss a meal, please keep this phenomenal young lady in your prayers.  You can donate to this incredible teenagers program at One Day/One Lunch.

**Please indicate that your donation is for Village of Hope-One Day/One Lunch when giving.

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