Friday, June 21, 2013

Drum Roll Please

Drum roll please....just in case you are not one of my Facebook peeps, the news is out.  We have officially accepted a new referral. We did it awhile ago but wanted to make sure everything was a "go" before we started getting all public!

We are currently awaiting court approval (like, in the next week) for two new Fry's.  We are adopting another sibling set!  Abigael is 7 and Emmanuel is 5. Yes, her name is spelled with an "e" I already spelled it wrong on a package I sent her so, I need to start practicing.  My iphone has yet to figure out how not to auto correct it.   They are the most beautiful kids you have ever seen.  What mom doesn't say that though right?

We are in a tricky spot with the DRC system and our agency is working incredibly hard to get our case going quick so that we will be in the group that is receiving their investigative interviews in August.  If that does not happen our kiddos will potentially be "stuck" in the DRC for another six months until the next set of interviews take place.  Please be praying that all hands that are working on some sort of anything that has to do with whatever needs to be done for that to happen, are diligent, thorough and speedy. People, lets all be working on "Heidi time" here for goodness sake.

Em and Wyatt out on the paddle board

green onions and lettuce in abundance, corn and carrots, not so much yet :)

In the meantime, we are loving life at the lake and preparing to be a family of six.  Whoa, six, deep breaths.  Emma and Corbin are going to camp with Fry cousins, the garden is finally growing and I am hosting Noonday shows, helping families fundraise for their adoptions.  I have even started cycle racing a little and spending some time with my girlfriends.  There is potential that I may not lose my mind after all.  The jury is still out on that one, if you ask some not-to-be-named members of my fam, but all in all life is good.  Thanks for all your prayers!

OH, and Monday is a BIG day for us.  Big, I mean huge, the countdown has begun and you should be begging me for the news.  There will be pictures of Emmanuel and Abigael involved.  Stop right there and put down the phone if you know my number cause I am not going to tell you!  Na na na na na na!  Can you wait that long?    I hope so, it will be worth it!

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  1. YAY!!!! Praying for all to fall into place QUICKLY!